Sigma Investments | EGYCOMEX


The first commodities exchange for the MENA region

EGYCOMEX is a leading spot and futures commodities exchange that serves the MENA Region. The Egyptian based company provides a marketplace for investors, importers, companies and institutions seeking opportunities in a dynamic global marketplace.

We purely work on linking local markets to world prices, and helping businesses everywhere mitigate the myriad of risks they face in today's uncertain economy.

We offer the widest range of agricultural commodities including grains like corn, soybeans, sugar, wheat and more ..

Our electronic trading platform is intended to create transparent markets. The transparency in these operations should undercut any attempts to monopolize the market by some traders and intermediaries, and hence limiting price surges.

At EGYCOMEX, we believe that trust is the foundation of relationships. Our high reputation and strict regulations result in a safe trading environment for all traders.

Stay updated with the progress of our project from its initial stages to completion, kindly visit EGYCOMEX website.